We don't mean to get all Elizabeth Browning on here, but we have yet another reason why Queens is so lovable - Popular Mechanic's recently ranked Queens #12 in their 14 Best Startup Cities in America!

"You know Brooklyn: flannel shirts, skinny jeans, nonprescription glasses. But what you may not know is that it casts an undeserved shadow over its neighbor: the next great center of innovation in New York City, the borough of Queens. First off, rents are cheaper in Queens than in Brooklyn. At QNS Collective, a coworking space that opened in the neighborhood of Astoria in 2013, you get a desk, locking storage, photocopying privileges, and a generous supply of paper clips, all for under $300 a month. Two miles away, in Long Island City, you'll find the recently renovated Falchi Building. The former warehouse for a Manhattan department store, the five-floor, 650,000-square-foot building houses new businesses such as Lyft (a competitor to Uber) and Coalition for Queens, a nonprofit that supports local technology startups. Plus, Manhattan's renowned Doughnut Plant recently relocated there on a 10-year lease, so at least you won't go hungry." (via)

Yep... you read that right. Doughnut Plant is moving in!