We’ve been busy getting ready for the launch of our in-house production company cleverly named VAVLT. It is set to debut sometime in 2015 with an amazing REEL in the works.   We’ve already lined up a few clients (can’t say who yet) and helped put together a couple of awesome shoots so far (check out Pomp & Clout new video for Tujamo “Booty Bounce”, a NSFW co-production we loved working on recently. Also, if you are at MOMA PS1 or your local mag stand grab a copy of the latest issue of ZOO MAGAZINE #46 Spring Issue to see our full page ad near the front of the book, sizzle…
Our vision for VAVLT is to source upcoming music artists on the brink of recognition, dynamic new companies/brands in need of exceptionally fresh content, and innovative media partners interested in collaborating on video content that best represents, we mean REPREZENTZ!
Our dynamic REEL will include cuts from broadcast quality commercials with VFX visuals, high-gloss sky-concept videos showcasing a few of the music industries hottest rising stars and dazzling presentations of select designer products that are aligned with our established brand.  This will not be your typical marketing reel. 
Our concept for VAVLT is imbued with the vision of ATTIC STUDIOS; to meld the old and new, post-modern and past-modern, conceptual and literal, and to provide audiences with an aural/visual display of information unlike any seen before or after.  Wish us luck!