Welcome friends to ATTIC STUDIOS brand spanken glossy new website!!  OMG finally. Don't cha just love that new website smell? We do too! So hang out awhile and click thru a few pages, you will be glad you did!  There are tons of photos, downloadable documents and floorplans, and a great page annoucing our new Benefits Program. 

Our good friend David Williamson went well above and beyond the call of duty in the programming of this site and we cannot thank him enough for his incredible work. (Thanks again Dave, you rock!).  Design credit goes to the incomperable super-girl and ATTIC STUDIOS regular Heather Thomas at HTDesignNYC.  Special thanks to everyone who pitched in and contributed, you know who you are. For those first time visitors to the site don't forget to sign up for our email newsletter to be kept updated of all the new things going on here at Attic Studios! We look forward to hearing from you. THE ATTIC STUDIOS TEAM