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A HUGE WELCOME to our good friends SCHEIMPFLÜG who recently opened their massive Long Island City equipment rental house right around the corner from ATTIC STUDIOS!  

With FLÜG a mere stone's throw away it makes last minute/on-the-fly EQ needs that much easier when shooting at our studios or nearby on location. If we don't have it, there's a good chance they do. Plus we can arrange it all and add it to your tab, no problemo...

Since we expanded our own EQ ROOM a few years ago we have prided ourselves in having ALL the gear on our list IN-HOUSE, and when we say IN-HOUSE we mean ON PREMISES, not sub-rented. That makes trade-outs, returns, and additions a snap. 

Now that we have FLÜG so close we can almost always ensure zero messenger fees, zero time wasted, and practically endless equipment to chose from, EVEN ON THE DAY OF SHOOT.  

Call or shoot us an email for more info.