Do more with more!  Our six studios offer a variety of unique features for all of your in-studio needs, whether it be the daylight loft feel of Studio A, the concrete floors in the Atrium, or the cyc walls in Studio BStudio C, and Studio E. On-site equipment, our experienced staff, and in-house cafe make for full service production support on every shoot.

And when you have a multi-day shoot, with a mix of location and studio we can be your one-stop-shop! We now offer 3-ton Grip Truck and Production Truck packages to support a seamless transition from location to the studio. All of our packages include a Driver/Swing PA, so not only do you get all the gear you need, but a dedicated extra hand to make it happen wherever you are.

Don’t forget to check out our on-site locations - the Boiler Room, Courtyard, and Rooftop.  

Feel free to hit us up in Bookings to discuss your next project. We’re always happy to work out a custom solution to make your production (and your life) easier!