Attic Studios' plan to get back to work is simple.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Maintain social distance. 

If you feel sick, stay home.


As we return to supporting productions of all sizes there are a few ways we're endeavoring to make every person's experience in our facility safe and comfortable in this new landscape. 


In our role as host to creative production teams our primary focus is on the well-being of you, your clients, and your crew. 


Below you'll find a few of the measures we've abstracted from the CDC and industry sources that have published detailed guidelines on safely returning to set. 


We welcome your feedback, thoughts, and ideas. Feel free to reach out to 

Can't wait to see you back at the studios!



- Everyone in the facility must wear a mask any time that distancing 6 feet is not possible.

- Masks should be worn regardless in common areas. We have masks, gloves, and face shields available upon request, along with sanitized touch-less thermometers.

- Only essential cast and crew will be allowed on the premises and in each studio. We require a call sheet be provided 24 hours in advance of your shoot to ensure a safe experience for all productions in the facility.  *TIP* Distribute a master floor plan of the facility with your call sheet that has detailed directions on how to get to your specific studio(s) and department areas. 

- Each of our studios has a recommeded maximum capacity to allow for social distancing depending on the square footage and layout of the space. Floor plans with example layouts for each studio can be found here.

- We will be taking the temperature of all of our staff multiple times per day in order to monitor our team's health.



- We sanitize high touch surfaces in common areas every 30 mins throughout the day. 

- Hand sanitizer will be visible and available in all common areas of the facility and in each studio. 

All of our restrooms are single occupancy with touch-less soap dispensers and will be cleaned and sanitized between each use.



- Several of our studios have their own independent HVAC system for more isolated ventilation.

All studios have windows that can be opened per request for further ventilation.

Our spacious Rooftop can be made available to allow for safe, outdoor breaks and crew lunches. 



- We've applied floor markings in each studio as a point of reference indicating 6' distance. 

Phones in each studio are programmed to reach EQ, Bookings and Client Services (including coffee!) directly. We recommend one person be responsible for phone communication and that the phones be wiped down with disinfectant after each use. 

You may request additional rounds of disinfection of surfaces in your studio throughout the day.

- Complimentary tables/chairs will be provided to facilitate social distancing during meal breaks.

Compliance Supervisor - We ask that each production identify a point of contact for ensuring that proper PPE is available on set and distancing protocols are followed. 



All equipment will be sanitized and staged in your studio prior to your shoot. We recommend staging each department’s gear separately within the studio. *Tip* Coordinate specific needs of G&E, Styling, Art Dept and predetermine where items should be placed in order to isolate previously ‘shared’ equipment (apple boxes, stingers, etc..)  

- ‘Drop Zones’ will be indicated outside of each studio for contactless delivery of equipment and deliveries.

- Any equipment in your studio is considered ‘used’ from the moment someone from your production occupies the space, and thus will need to be disinfected. No equipment should leave the studio unless arranged with our staff. It will then be moved to a quarantine area immediately to be processed.



Guidelines that offer a more thorough breakdown of how all facets of production should operate moving forward.


Production Equipment Rental Group (PERG): Safe Return to Work Guidelines 

AICP: COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines and Considerations

Lionsgate: New Production Safety Guidelines