Please check out the new book by our friend photographer/author Demetrius FordhamLook for pics took here at Attic Studios as well as quotes throughout the book by studio owner Peter Clark. 


"In 2012, I wrote a series of articles for A Photo Editor and Resource Magazine about what it was really like as a young working photographer in today’s industry, offering advice on how to network, handle finances and how to generally just “work your way up” to becoming a professional photographer. Shortly after these articles were published, I was approached by the Uk-based Ilex Press (now the Octopus Publishing Group) to write a book on the same subject, and now, in 2015, my first book, “What they didn’t teach you in photo school” was born.

This book is essentially the guide I wish I had when I started out in this industry a decade ago. Like many young photographers, I graduated photo school (Brooks) with a decent overview of the industry and the skills I thought I needed—but no idea of what to expect, how to get jobs, how to market myself, or how to run a business. Like many, I thought I’d just go out there and start shooting editorials and ad campaigns. I learned the hard way—and the long way—that this was not going to be the case.

That in mind, I’ve written this book as a sort of manual offering raw, practical, real-world tips and advice on how to navigate, survive and succeed in this industry. I don’t have all the answers but I do have years worth of humble advice that will hopefully help fellow working, modern-day photographers “figure it out.” I wanted to offer the kind of practical, unfiltered advice that they “didn’t teach you in photo school,” from step-by-step breakdowns on what to really expect on a photo shoot, to handling finances and trying to run a profitable business—and i hope it helps you, whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in the industry for a little while, like me. I hope my experiences—and the knowledge of other experts I interviewed—will be a great resource to you. " - Demetrius Fordham

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