1. Learn Something New

We're all professionals here, but there's no shortage of 'off label' uses for equipment when you need a solution on the fly. And with advances in technology our go-to equipment is constantly evolving to be even more powerful and compact. Here are our top blogs to keep tabs on useful (and entertaining) industry news.




2. Get Inspired!

We're inundated with so much media on a daily basis that it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. In order to stay fresh and creative, we've realized we need to deliberately seek out inspiration - and look to unconventional sources. These are our top go to resources right now to get the creative juices flowing.




3. Get Fit

We'll continue to do our best to curate quality content in order to be the lean, mean creative machine of our dreams. Whether it's something we produce or share, we strive to meld the old and new, post-modern and past-modern, conceptual and literal. And with our new in-house production company, VAVLT, we're aiming to provide audiences with an aural/visual display of information unlike any seen before or after.

4. More Community Involvement

The production community in New York City is surprisingly small, and we're extremely proud to be a part of it. This year we want to deepen existing connections and foster new relationships within the industry. Stay tuned for news of upcoming events we'll be hosting in order to do just that. Signup for our newsletter HERE.

5. Get Out of the House!

Travel is among the top five New Years Resolutions, and the same goes for us. We love our studios, but the surrounding neighborhood has some fantastic, one-of-a kind locations. And with the addition of more EQ we're expanding our locations services to outfit your crew beyond the studio. Check out more about our LIC. #queensbitch