Attic Studios' *new* Production Pass Van+ package takes the studio on-the-go. Equipped with all of your production and styling essentials, this souped up Sprinter has customizable seating configurations to accommodate 12 passengers, a built in-motorized awning and flat screen tv with high speed WiFi and Apple TV. 
Day rate includes a Driver/ Swing PA and 75 miles in the metro area.
Features Include:
- Customizable seating configurations
- Interior folding tables
- Motorized Awning
- High Speed Wifi
- Flat Screen w/ Apple TV & Wii
- 4 Exterior and 8 Interior 15 Amp Outlets
- Built-in Garment Rack & Hangers
- Portable HMU Station
- Pop Up Tent & Changing Tent
- Production Kit
- Stylist Kit
- Pay-per-use Expendables
Contact for pricing and availability.